3 Reasons Why Your Hospital Needs Outsourced Inventory Services

By far one of the most complicated inventory situations, hospitals must face not only the complexities of patient care, a large and diverse employee force, and insurance disparages, but also the ever-changing inventory needs they find within their walls.

Inventory-ServicesWhile some hospitals may attempt to keep their inventory counts in-house, most often this proves to be a frustration for all parties involved.  That’s why Reliant offers inventory services that focus on the unique and complex needs that hospitals faces each day.

Why Outsource Inventory Services?

  1. Brings Uniformity Across Sectors
    A hospital consists of dozens of different sectors often spread across a sprawling campus with numerous buildings and even varying locations.  This proves a difficulty when attempting to keep accurate counts on inventory items within sectors that may not all track it the same or don’t communicate results when needed.Outside inventory services are able to bring uniformity and complete accuracy to the inventory process across all sectors and locations. With real time data and easy hand-held devices, our inventory experts will give you the results you need.
  1. Frees Staff to Focus on Patients
    As an establishment that exists for healing human lives, it can be frustrating for staff to have to spend time counting and reporting inventory items.  An inventory system may be present within the hospital, but it takes more time to learn it and work with it than it does to care for the patient in need.It seems ludicrous to spend so much time on inventory management when there are patients that desperately need care and attention.

    However, we understand that reliable inventory is foundational to successful operations within your walls.  Outsourcing your inventory needs frees up your staff’s important time so that they can do the job they were trained to do.  Our inventory management systems are custom designed for your specific needs and then developed with user-friendly guidelines.  Our systems are quick and easy to learn, simply supporting the good work you’re doing.

  1. Experts on Complicated Government Regulations
    Hospitals have to be very knowledgeable and current on government regulations concerning inventory data and storage.  Reliant’s team of experts always stays current on these regulations so you don’t have to.   A professional hospital inventory service is able to deal with all the complexities and complications of these regulations so that you are free to focus on saving lives.Reliant’s team of inventory specialists has trained experts in the field of hospital inventory services. They have had years of experience and understand the complex and unique needs of this type of inventory management.

Let us take the complications away from you.  Let Reliant provide you with a 100% accurate, easy to follow and customized inventory management system.  Call today for more information at 1-888-791-4069

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