Shelf Price Verification

shutterstock_167774636Our shelf price verification system is the only price verification system in the world that verifies pricing between the shelf, P.O.S. system and the master file..  With our shelf price verification, we can do your complete store, wall to wall, or just a part of your store, a category in your store, or a complete random scan.


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Pharmacy Inventory

Pharmacy Inventory


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Your business depends on accuracy. So depend on us to provide the most precise and effective solutions for all of your inventory and data collection needs!

Regional Offices

With additional offices we can easily and quickly provide fast and accurate services to your clients throughout the EASTERN U.S, Puerto Rico, Virgin Island’s and parts of South America.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our business is defined by staying ahead of the curve. Our systems offer: real time data collection, RF technology, and state of the art data collection devices, data returned in your format.