Pharmacy Inventory Services

Pharmacy Inventory ServicesTo keep up with the urgent needs of patients in a dynamic healthcare marketplace, pharmacies must have an accurate and efficient inventory management system in place.

Reliant Inventory Group offers comprehensive pharmacy inventory management systems to pharmacies of all sizes and types. Our counting teams have specialized training in pharmacy inventory and understand your unique needs.

Our pharmacy clients include:

  • Community pharmacies
  • Regional, multiple-location pharmacies
  • Large retail, chain pharmacies with locations all over the country
  • Pharmacies within hospitals, medical centers and other facilities

We work to ensure you meet your customers demand and needs; all while making sure your inventory record is accurate on a daily basis.

The Importance of Pharmacy Inventory Management

As both a healthcare provider and retail establishment, your pharmacy needs to meet consumer demand to ensure both patient and business health. If you over order an expensive medication, you’ve wasted money. If you under order a high-demand medication, you’ve potentially lost a customer.

Reliant’s pharmacy inventory platform helps you determine what you need to have in your basic stock and what additional backup stock you should have on your shelves. Historical data can help you track what medications you need for your patients and help to lessen product spoilage and waste.

Valued-added Pharmacy Inventory services

When you use Reliant Inventory Group to manage your pharmacy inventory needs will see the benefits immediately. Reliant will:

  • Dramatically Increase Pharmacy Efficiency

Reliant specializes in creating custom, efficient inventory systems for pharmacies of all sizes. Our pharmacy inventory services are easy to understand, implement and will leave your staff with time to focus on what’s important: your customer’s needs.

  • Minimize Product Spoilage

Both prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products have a shelf-life. Reliant helps you track your entire inventory, including expiration dates to reduce expensive product spoilage, which will allow you to maximize your efficiency and boost your bottom-line.

  • Make Usage-Based Decisions

Reliant’s pharmacy inventory services allow you to decide what to stock based on your past and current usage. Real-time standard and customized reporting allow you to look at trends in sells, seasonality and customer demand.

  • Coordinate Across Multiple Locations

For chain and local pharmacies with multiple locations, using a centralized pharmacy inventory system allows you to coordinate inventory across all of your locations. Pharmacists can provide same-day service even when a product is out of stock at their location by finding the product nearby in their inventory database.

  • Save Space

You pharmacy space is both warehouse and retail space–making your real estate a valued and sometimes scarce commodity. By effectively tracking your inventory and efficiently controlling what is ordered and kept on hand, you can save space and reduce your storage footprint.

  • Maintain Compliance

Reliant’s pharmacy inventory software tracks all transactions and creates an electronic paper trail that can be used to document your business during an audit by the Joint Commission. Your pharmacy will always be in compliance and you’ll be able to prove it by running real-time reports.

  • Maximize Security

The electronic paper trail and other electronic pharmacy inventory documentation measures help maximize security and minimize any theft. Reliant can also manage routine, random inventory counts to ensure accuracy around-the-clock.

  • Reduce Costs With Bulk Ordering

By reviewing historical pharmacy inventory data, your pharmacy can bulk order high-demand products, reducing the unit price and increasing your profit margin.

  • Increase Time Spent with Patients and Customers

Reliant’s efficient, proven pharmacy inventory method will work as an automated system behind the scenes, keeping track of all important details related to product inventory. With this aspect of business management fully taken care of, managers can spend more time talking to customers and minimize time spent organizing inventory and keeping records.

Inventory Tracking & Reporting Will Save You Money

Custom reports

Reliant prides itself on offering streamlined systems that integrate directly into your existing database. We give you the capability to track your inventory in real-time, so you always know where you stand with your pharmacy inventory. Custom reports allow you to review historic data and make informed purchasing decisions based on statistical information.

By being aware of your historic product usage and current demand, pharmacies can minimize the carrying cost associated with maintaining inventory. This includes a reduction in obsolescence, product deterioration, storage, inventory taxes and insurance. If you have high carrying costs, you lose the opportunity to use that capital investment elsewhere in your business.

Knowledge of your pharmacy inventory, also helps you minimize the cost of being out of stock of items. It is difficult to estimate the actual price you pay for not having an item, but a frustrated customer will surely go elsewhere to have their prescription filled and your staff will waste valuable time on damage-control. If your pharmacy has multiple locations, you can use Reliant’s inventory system consistently across all locations. Customers can be redirected to another location or you can arrange transfer of product to meet demand.

We also perform routine counts to audit your database and your shelves. By doing this, we create a comprehensive system that can catch human error and other data inconsistencies before it affects your business.

Reliant is the Expert in Pharmacy Inventory

Your staff needs to focus on the needs of patients and customers and not on the time consuming and technical side of pharmacy inventory management. You cannot afford to be out of stock of products–your business provides real-time critical care. And we know the huge expense associated with over-ordering product.

We inventory all pharmacy product and physical assets.

  • Prescription medications
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Medical and pharmacy supplies
  • Retail items and other assets

Reliant experts are trained in all aspects of HIPPA regulations. Our counting systems are non-intrusive and can be performed at any interval you require. Our team will work with your staff to implement a customized pharmacy inventory platform that fits your location’s specific needs and will maximize your business’ efficiency across the board.

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When Reliant Inventory Group counts for your pharmacy, you can be confident that the results are accurate each and every time. Call Reliant today to schedule a demonstration and consultation to discuss your inventory needs.


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