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Pharmacy Inventory ServicesTo keep up with the urgent needs of patients in a dynamic healthcare marketplace, pharmacies must have an accurate and efficient inventory management system in place.

Reliant Inventory Group offers comprehensive pharmacy inventory management systems to pharmacies of all sizes and types. Our inventory experts have specialized training in pharmacy inventory to ensure 100% accuracy of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and all other physical assets. By using our non-intrusive counting systems, your pharmacy staff will be able to focus directly on patient and customer needs.

Comprehensive Pharmacy Auditing

Precise inventory audits by our counting experts will help your pharmacy determine appropriate stock levels and clear up potential inefficiencies in your daily operations. We perform detailed physical counts of all pharmacy product and physical assets, including:

  • Prescription medications
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Medical and pharmacy supplies
  • Retail items and other fixed assets

We also perform routine counts to audit pharmacy databases and shelves, which helps identify potential data inconsistencies or human errors before they can negatively affect your business.

HIPPA-Trained Inventory Experts

Our inventory experts are trained in all aspects of HIPPA regulations and are knowledgable about covered entities that must follow these regulations. They will work closely with your staff to implement a customized inventory platform that fits your needs.

Our pharmacy clients include:

  • Community pharmacies
  • Regional, multiple-location pharmacies
  • Large retail, chain pharmacies with locations in multiple states
  • Pharmacies within hospitals, medical centers and other facilities

Custom Inventory Databases

For pharmacies with multiple locations, our inventory experts will create streamlined inventory systems that integrate into your existing database. This will allow seamless communication of inventory data, helping facilitate the transfer of product between locations to effectively meet customer demand. Having this flexibility to track your inventory in real-time will give your pharmacy an advantage in retaining customers and keeping costs minimal. Read more about our pharmacy inventory management systems here.

Detailed Inventory Reporting

pharmacy inventory counting companyOnce our team has setup these streamlined inventory systems for your pharmacy, we will create custom reports that allow you to review historical data and and any other data that will help your pharmacy make informed purchasing decisions. One of our goals is to help you minimize carrying costs associated with maintaining inventory.

Contact us directly for more information on our customized inventory reporting and solutions for your pharmacy. We offer a FREE 1-hour inventory review and assessment of your business.

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The Reliant Difference

Realize the benefits with Reliant. When we work with your pharmacy, our counting goals are in your best interest. Trust us to help you:

  • Dramatically Increase Pharmacy Efficiency

Reliant specializes in creating custom, efficient inventory systems for pharmacies of all sizes. Our pharmacy inventory systems are easy to understand and easy to implement, giving your staff more time to focus on what’s important: your customer’s needs.

  • Minimize Product Spoilage

Both prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products have a shelf-life. Our inventory systems helps you track your entire inventory, including expiration dates to reduce expensive product spoilage.

  • Make Usage-Based Decisions

By using our customized reporting solutions, you’ll gain insights into pharmacy sales trends, seasonality and customer demand. This will help you determine what your pharmacy should stock based on different times of the year.

  • Coordinate Across Multiple Locations

Chain and local pharmacies with multiple locations can coordinate inventory seamless across all locations with our centralized inventory system. For example, your pharmacists can utilize the centralized inventory database to provide same-day service to customers when a product is out-of-stock at one location by finding the same product at a nearby location.

  • Save Space

By effectively tracking your inventory and efficiently controlling what is ordered and kept in stock, you can save space and reduce your storage footprint.

  • Maintain Compliance

Reliant’s pharmacy inventory software tracks all transactions and creates an electronic paper trail that can be used to document the business. This will help you maintain compliance during an audit by the Joint Commission.

  • Maximize Security

By keeping electronic paper trails and other electronic inventory documents, your pharmacy will be minimizing potential for theft. For added security, Reliant will also manage routine and random inventory counts.

  • Reduce Costs With Bulk Ordering

By knowing what’s really in your inventory, you can become more comfortable placing bulk orders for high-demand products when demand is high. This allows you to increase efficiencies in your spending and reduce costs.

  • Increase Time Spent with Patients and Customers

Reliant’s efficient, proven pharmacy inventory method will work as an automated system behind the scenes, keeping track of all important details related to product inventory. With this aspect of business management fully taken care of, managers can spend more time talking to customers and minimize time spent organizing inventory and keeping records.

We’ll Count Everything For You

When Reliant Inventory Group counts for your pharmacy, you can trust that our results will be accurate and performed in a timely manner. By partnering with us, you’ll receive our best-in-class inventory counting services customized to your specific pharmacy’s needs. Our HIPPA-trained inventory experts will perform full inventory audits of all physical goods and help set up customized software, systems and reporting that will maximize stocking and ordering operations and provide deep-level insights into the business.

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