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Why is it important to have accurate inventory counts?

shutterstock_1958414C-store managers, many of which are small business owners, must know how to purchase inventory based on demand in order to run their business successfully. They must understand industry trends and look at their past sales data to know the right products to stock and how much of them to stock and when to stock them. Over-purchasing of inventory, especially perishable goods, will lead to wasted inventory and loss. Under-purchasing, on the other hand, will lead to a loss in customer retention. If customers can’t rely on their local c-store to have what they need, when they need it, then they’ll be more likely to shop elsewhere and not return.

Managers should not feel overwhelmed by the potential risks. When done right, inventory counts can reduce loss associated with over- or under- purchasing of inventory.

Reliable C-Store Inventory Solutions

When it comes to inventory solutions, Reliant Inventory Group knows best. With decades of experience under our belt helping c-store managers get accurate counts of their inventory, we’re proud to call our selves leaders in the industry. We strive to help you maximize your margins by increasing business operations and efficiencies with accurate physical inventory counts.


Not only do we guarantee accurate counts of all your physical goods, but we also look at the bigger picture. We help c-store managers identify gaps anywhere in the inventory process, including:

Supplier management – Is the cost of goods purchased from various suppliers fair? Or, are there other vendors that may offer better prices for commonly-stocked goods? Our inventory experts will help you identify if your vendors providing are the most cost-effective solutions for purchasing inventory in your area.

Receiving goods – Are goods being received in the most efficient manner? Do they arrive at low-traffic times? Are shipments labeled correctly? Do goods arrive intact? Are there any other disruptions to receiving inventory on a regular basis? Our inventory experts will help you improve any processes related to the receiving of purchased goods.

Stocking – Are your current stocking methods effective? Are there ways to improve product shelf life based on your current stocking methods? Are storage units (refrigerated and frozen) working properly to provide optimal temperatures for products? Are employees running into any issues stocking temperature-sensitive products in a timely manner? Our inventory experts will identify these potential inefficiencies in your stocking processes.

The Reliant Difference


In business since 1969, Reliant is an expert in c-store inventory management. When you work with our inventory experts, you can expect:

Advanced technologies – We use advanced inventory technology to enable our experts to provide best-in-class service to our customers.

Guaranteed deadlines – We make the necessary adjustments to ensure your c-store inventory is properly counted, our data is completely accurate and reports are being generated for you within the agreed upon time frame.

Guaranteed correct count – Our inventory experts provide convenience stores small or large with the highest level of service by providing accuracy and quick results, every single time. To ensure the job is done right, we take a team approach to recounts.

No matter the frequency of audits needed, our c-store inventory experts will count all physical goods including but not limited to:

  • Perishable goods (snack and grocery items, beverages, alcohol, tobacco, etc.)
  • Apparel items
  • Health & beauty products
  • Seasonal items (typically holiday goods)
  • Lottery
  • Misc. non-perishable goods

In-depth reporting – We create detailed customized reporting based on your needs. Our in-house IT team can easily consolidate big data into digestible reports to give you a clear understanding of your store’s inventory situation.

Great customer service – Lastly, maintaining a the right c-store inventory is a team effort. Therefore, we always invite the store manager to attend our crew meetings prior to beginning the count. When you work with Reliant, you will always have a voice in the process.

Reliant Inventory Advice

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