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shutterstock_133329242Reliant is the warehouse and manufacturing inventory management innovator. Managing your raw material, work in progress and finished goods is essential for ensuring your operational success. As the manufacturing landscape in the United States shifts and changes, Reliant continues to innovate inventory management for this sector. Because of lean practices within distribution today and just-in-time delivery possibilities, we know that you probably don’t have the in-house staff to properly manage inventory. However, we also know that you can’t afford to be shut down for very long. That’s why Reliant exists.

Why Manufacturing Inventory Management is Important

In addition to saving you money, proper inventory management also helps you to organize your warehouse and production space; maximizing square footage and your physical plant investment. Research on best practices in manufacturing has shown that companies that invest in an inventory-specific management program save on both time and costs.  Profits are increased. Employee efficiency is increased. Your product is produced on-time, every time.In the United States, the cost of manufacturing continues to rise as labor and materials become more expensive. Controlling inventory is crucial to success. If you do not have what you need when you need it, the result can be costly delays in production. On the other hand, if you are purchasing and storing parts you do not need, you are simply wasting money.

And that’s Reliant’s bottom line. You can count on Reliant to manage all your manufacturing inventory needs in a timely and accurate manner.

The Reliant Process:

  • We normally perform at least 3 visits to your site prior to conducting the inventory. First, the initial sales call will provide you with the cost of services. Second, we will organize a visit in order to collect sample data to give to our IT department. IT will set up the appropriate programming and then we will come back for the testing of that programming to make sure that any issues are ironed out prior to the inventory team arriving.

  • When your inventory begins, we will come equipped with the appropriate number of staff members and we will establish a schedule of shifts in order to complete the count in the most efficient manner so that your location can reopen as soon as possible.

  • A full crew debrief will be performed prior to the count beginning. This will ensure that our staff are appropriately notified of all location-specific details and any inventory items that are not in the file, which will need to be counted separately. We will also go over safety protocol as it specifically pertains to your facility.

  • When we begin counting, our teams will work efficiently and on schedule to ensure that we can complete the project in the agreed upon timeframe. At the end of each work day, data will be provided to you from that day’s count and you can run the necessary exception reports. All reports will be verified to ensure no locations have been double counted and to work out any exceptions.

The Reliant Advantage

We’ve been working in manufacturing for years so we understand that your inventory needs are much different from a retail location. Reliant is prepared to collect and provide data in any format and with as many fields as necessary. We can capture:

  • Serial number

  • Date of manufacturing

  • Date of testing

  • Certification information

  • And more

Reliant can help set up a SKU or other barcode type system in your facility or we can work with the item numbers and codes you are already using. In fact, our in-house IT team can even perform complex file manipulation to ensure that you get the data you need in exactly the format you want.

In addition to this flexibility and customization related to data and reporting, Reliant offers a distinct advantage in terms of technology and timing. Because we used the most advanced hand-held units in the industry and because our streaming-data capabilities make real-time results possible, we can offer the most efficient inventory service available. You can trust us that we will have the job done – completely and accurately – within the timeframe that we promise.

Customized Solutions for Manufacturing Inventory

shutterstock_140130295Our team will work with your management staff to create a customized plan for counting and managing your inventory. We work with manufacturers of all types and sizes. Whether your facility produces consumer merchandise or B2B products, reliable inventory management is critical. Through a dynamic and technology-based process, we can ensure that no detail will go overlooked.

Reliant offers a real-time data-capturing system and our trained and experience staff will work with you to create an entire inventory management system that adapts to the specific needs of your manufacturing facility. Reliant team members are full-time employees who have vast experience in the field and who count for you with accuracy and attention to detail. We’ll become your on-call experts for all things inventory related. We can even help you to determine how often you should perform routine cycle counts.

Reliant systems are easy to integrate into your work environment. We provide training to management and other levels of staff and our cutting edge tools are easy to understand and intuitive. People are used to using smart phones and tablets. Reliant’s use of the most current technology in our handheld devices creates a mobile solution that allows inventory takers to work the way they live.

This results in increased adaptation, employee understanding and end-user buy-in. The bottom line: accurate data collection with minimal training time.

Just-In-Time Inventory Solutions

The world of manufacturing is fast-paced and clients demand products be available in a timely fashion. No matter what product you are creating, you need all the tools and parts ready to meet your production deadlines and business demands. In an ideal world, parts show up the moment you need them. Reliant works directly with your operation to ensure:

  • Parts are available when they needed

  • Parts are not stored inefficiently

  • Parts are not overstocked

  • Production is not delayed because of missing materials

  • Routine inventory reports are performed on a regular basis

  • Data is available in real time

Knowledge is power–to optimize your manufacturing process, you need to know what you have and what you need, before you need it. Reliant’s proven systems will ensure you do not miss a moment of production time because of a missing part or asset.

Our process will work hand in glove with your existing infrastructure to ensure efficient and seamless operations. We ensure efficient, cost-effect and strategic management of all your valuable product and production tools.

Best Practices in Factory or Manufacturing Inventory Management

You don’t need the investment in an overpriced ERP system. Reliant is a single-source solution for your factory or manufacturing inventory needs without all the unnecessary extras you will never use. Companies can save money by investing in Reliant’s targeted and specific inventory system that can be completely customizable to meet your specific needs. We offer the best practices in manufacturing inventory management, with the following benefits:

  • Our system is adaptable to your specific factory or manufacturing inventory needs

  • Reliant’s service actually helps you improve the way you manufacture product

  • We provide a platform for frequent, routine counts to ensure your inventory is on track and matches your records

  • Reliant’s service protects your investment

  • Our team is fast and efficient, ensuring you with the shortest shut-down window possible

You can count on Reliant to always offer the best practices and the latest technology for factory or manufacturing inventory management.



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shutterstock_55758586Reliant is the top provider of asset inventory management services in the inventory industry. We work diligently to provide your business with the most up to date information about your assets. Our staff is able to effectively take stock of your assets so that you don’t have to. We prepare advanced and provide detailed reports so that you can track all of your assets at any of your service locations.

shutterstock_134324633INVENTORIES: You have it – We count it!

Whether Bar Code, SKU, Financial, or Asset, we tailor inventory management programs to meet all of your needs. Along with our accurate, on time and efficient inventory service, we can also provide you with our shelf Price Verification System and a host of other type of services. We also use state of the art , RADIO FREQUENCY (RF) equipment to provide your information in REAL TIME!!

shutterstock_167434997-(1)At Reliant, we strive to provide a premier level of service, integrity, and customer satisfaction with the use of new technology delivered in a consistent and professional manner. Reliant provides accurate counts every time.

shutterstock_110071304Reliant is committed to being the most thorough inventory service in the industry. We will work with you in every phase of your inventory needs, from physical inventory taking, to loss prevention consulting, price verification process, and all types of data collection. Our Management Staff wants to be your “One Stop” data collection service.

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