Inventory Management

Reliant is the top inventory management company in the United States. We are dedicated to providing your business with the most accurate information about your inventory. We effectively manage your inventory so that you don’t have to. We send you detailed reports so that you can pinpoint items in your inventory across the country at the click of a mouse.

Since we operate across the country, our service area extends from the northeast to the midwest. We are committed to being the best in the inventory management industry. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us today.


inventory management

Pharmacy Inventory

Pharmacy Inventory


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shutterstock_55758586Reliant is the top provider of asset inventory management services in the inventory industry. We work diligently to provide your business with the most up to date information about your assets. Our staff is able to effectively take stock of your assets so that you don’t have to. We prepare advanced and provide detailed reports so that you can track all of your assets at any of your service locations.

shutterstock_134324633INVENTORIES: You have it – We count it!

Whether Bar Code, SKU, Financial, or Asset, we tailor inventory management programs to meet all of your needs. Along with our accurate, on time and efficient inventory service, we can also provide you with our shelf Price Verification System and a host of other type of services. We also use state of the art , RADIO FREQUENCY (RF) equipment to provide your information in REAL TIME!!

shutterstock_167434997-(1)At Reliant, we strive to provide a premier level of service, integrity, and customer satisfaction with the use of new technology delivered in a consistent and professional manner. Reliant provides accurate counts every time.

shutterstock_110071304Reliant is committed to being the most thorough inventory service in the industry. We will work with you in every phase of your inventory needs, from physical inventory taking, to loss prevention consulting, price verification process, and all types of data collection. Our Management Staff wants to be your “One Stop” data collection service.

Never lose another dollar, due to inaccurate inventories, Contact Us today!