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Managing a Warehouse & Its Inventory and Doing It Well

shutterstock_133329242Delivering your goods to customers is an important part of the customer experience that can sometimes be overlooked. Whether you’re delivering 100 or 100,000 goods to your customers on a daily basis, you’ll need to have a firm grasp on your warehouse and its operations. The longer it takes to deliver goods to your customers, the greater chances you have at losing them to the competition. Efficient warehouse operations require impeccable management of the warehouse location itself and how it is maintained, as well as calculated control of counting, locating and tracking inventory.

Reliant Inventory Group has been in business since 1969 focusing on inventory auditing and management services across a wide range of industries. We understand how important it is to create accurate and efficient warehouse processes and what sets apart high-performing warehouses. We build our clients custom warehouse inventory solutions and help them understand how to count, control and organize warehouse inventory and maximize their business operations. See how we can improve your business’ inventory and warehouse management.

Custom Warehouse Inventory Systems & Solutions

We understand that reliable warehouse management is a critical component of business success. Through a dynamic and technology-based process, our team ensures that no detail goes overlooked. We work closely with your management and staff to develop specialized systems. We specifically design our customizable warehouse management solutions to:

  • Use real-time data-capturing
  • Improve goods monitoring and cycle counting
  • Improve shipping and receiving proceeses
  • Decrease shut-down windows
  • Be fast and mobile-friendly
  • Be intuitive and user-friendly

Through these solutions that we create for you, you will be able to:

  • Collect, process and fulfill purchase orders
  • Streamline receiving & picking operations
  • Identify stock locations
  • Monitor stock history
  • View invoices and packing slips
  • Track packing & shipping final stages
  • Integrate multi-location support for multiple warehouses

Our warehouse inventory systems are also easy to integrate into the work environment. As part of our services, we will provide training for all management and staff to facilitate employee understanding and increased adaptation. The bottom line: accurate data collection with minimal training time.

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Warehouse Inventory Reporting


Warehouse inventory systems created for your business will capture data metrics including:

  • Serial & item numbers
  • SKUs / Barcodes
  • Manufacturing dates
  • Testing dates
  • Certification information

If necessary, we will also perform complex file manipulations through our IT experts to ensure that you get the data you need in exactly the format you want. This flexibility and customization in our data and reporting, in combination with using the most advanced technology in the industry, makes us proud to offer the most efficient warehouse management and inventory control systems available.

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The Reliant Difference


Having an efficient warehouse system is the backbone of successful business. We understand that your inventory needs are different than retail environments. When considering Reliant as your warehouse inventory partner, remember:

Our system is adaptable to your warehouse inventory needs

Our advanced streaming data capabilities make real-time results possible. Your team will stay informed and up-to-date, giving them the tools they need to make quicker, more accurate operational decisions.

Our fast and efficient teams ensure the shortest shut-down window possible

Reliant team members are full-time employees who have vast experience in the field and who count for you with accuracy and attention to detail. We’ll become your on-call experts for all things inventory related. We can even help you to determine how often you should perform routine cycle counts.

Our goal is to help your warehouse operations maximize accuracy and efficiency while minimizing waste and costs

In addition to saving you money, proper inventory management will also help organize your warehouse and production space; maximizing square footage and your physical plant investment.

Never Lose Another Dollar Due to Inventory IssuesNever Lose Another Dollar Due to Inventory Issues

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The Reliant Inventory Counting Process:

Depending on your warehouse size, Reliant typically performs 1-3 visits with management and staff prior to conducting inventory audits. At this time, we’ll understand where your warehouse’s strengths and weaknesses lie. Whether you have data and technology issues or staffing shortages, we will be able to get an idea of where we should spend the most time investigating issues within your warehouse.

For inventory counts, we will send the appropriate number of staff members to execute a full audit. We will establish a schedule of shifts in order to complete the count in the most efficient manner.

A full crew debrief will be performed prior to the count beginning. This will ensure that our staff are appropriately notified of all location-specific details and any inventory items that are not in the file, which will need to be counted separately. We will also go over safety protocol as it specifically pertains to your facility.

When we begin counting, our teams will work efficiently and on-schedule to ensure that the project is completed in the agreed upon timeframe. At the end of each work day, data will be provided to you from that day’s count and you can run any necessary exception reports. All reports will be verified to ensure no locations have been double-counted and to work out any exceptions.

You can trust our experts to provide best-in-class inventory services. That is the Reliant difference.

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